Survey Of Client Apps Using The Web Platform

Written by Alex Iskold and edited by Richard MacManus.

In this post, we survey a range of client applications which utilize the new web platform. This is a follow-up to our Web Platform Primer post a few days ago, in which we explained the building blocks of the new Web infrastructure: 

web computing platform
The Web Computing Platform

Essentially the building blocks are foundational services from Internet companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft - which combine to form a Web development platform. Indeed a couple of days we saw Amazon add to the platform with a limited beta 'Compute' service, called Elastic Compute Cloud. All of these services facilitate a new breed of software: smart desktop and browser applications that use the Web Platform as their backbone. 

Storage Services

Storage Services

In this category there is Amazon S3 and openomy. Amazon S3 has a wide variety of clients using it. Firstly, there are personal backup applications like Jungle Disk and Elephant Drive. Another common use case for S3 is storing large media files - the Amazon S3 success stories page features MediaSilo video storage and SmugMug on-line photo sharing. A webtop application called YouOS is also using Amazon S3 to store user information. Finally, there are two other applications listed in the success stories section: MyOwnDB, which allows users to define and store their personal information in the form database tables; and the blueorganizer smart browser extension for Firefox, developed by my [Alex's] company adaptiveblue.

The only example app using the openomy site is a very basic RSS application, built using Ruby on Rails. 

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