Windows Live breaks into Alexa Top 10

liveDespite all the broohaha over whether Spaces is the biggest blog service on the planet, it's apparent that Windows Live is making an impact on the Web. After being around for less than a year, Alexa now ranks (and all its sub-domains) as the 10th biggest property on the Web. And yet it doesn't seem to be affecting's traffic that much. MSN is still the 2nd ranked property on the Web, behind and ahead of Google.

Here is the relative ranking for the sub-domains:

- 59%
- 20%
- 15%
- 2%
- 1%
- 1%
- 1%
- Other websites 1%

The domain is essentially Microsoft Passport - and note that when you sign into certain MSN properties, it'll re-direct through the domain. That goes some way to explain why is doing so well, but not at the expense of

Here is the Alexa comparison chart between MSN and

The gap is closing, but more due to's growth rather than MSN losing traffic. However as George Moore, GM for the Windows Live Developer Platform, told me earlier this week - Windows Live rollout is due for completion at the end of this year:

"Well actually you're starting to see a number of the websites losing the beta designation and the trend looks alright. I can't say the specific date when everything's going to be out of beta, but certainly it's going to be this year - ahead of Vista."

So is well and truly on track to become Microsoft's main Web property. While MSN isn't losing much ground currently, once all the current Live products go out of beta and replace the MSN versions (e.g. Live Mail for Hotmail) - expect Windows Live to take MSN's place at number 2.

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