Windows Live Hotspot Locator

windows live hotspot locatorMicrosoft is working hard at beefing up its "Live" service offering. Right now it seems like they have everything under the sun listed in Windows Live. Current offerings include Mail, Messenger, Gallery, Mail Desktop, Q & A, Product Search, and now the Windows Live Hotspot Locator.

The Windows Live Hotspot Locator is actually a nice way to check for WiFi access, both free and paid. Simply visit the site, enter your country, state/ province, zip code, city, a distance radius, and whether you are on the hunt for paid, free, or both types of WiFi access. Windows Live generates a list, complete with address, location name, and who the Hotspot providers are. You can select a location from the list, and get to page dedicated to them showing a Microsoft Virtual Earth map, with pinpointed location. Now if they can only make that list accessible when you arent connected and looking for a connection!

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