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Bleezer typewriterThis is a cool little tool for you bloggers out there: Bleezer. It's a free, no frills blog editor that is cross platform and handles all the major APIs. For people who work on multiple platforms, the Java app is a godsend; it means one layout, one set of keyboard shortcuts, and that means higher productivity, in my book, anyway. That said, there are downsides. Java GUI means slow on many systems, especially Windows, and there are still utf8 bugs to be worked out, at least on Windows. That said, a unfied interface to all my projects is probably worth a couple of growing pains, especially since the price is right: free. Download it for Mac, Windows or Linux (and I don't se e it shouldn't run on BSDs with lcompat) and decide for yourself.

bleezer edit screen
Bleezer edit screen

[via Defelxion]

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