Google turns 8

Google turns 8Yesterday was Google's 8th birthday. Hard to believe it's already been 8 years! I remember first using Google, "this weird new search engine," as a freshman in college. It was brand new, and yet somehow it was, from the get-go, way better than Yahoo or anything else that was around at the time. It quickly became - among my group of friends, anyway - the default college student research portal.

The BackRub* web site has some archives of the original Google; fortunately I don't remember it looking like that. (I was going to say, "I don't remember it looking so 1996" - an d then I realized that wouldn't be much of an insult, since the year was, in fact, 1998.) By the time I started using Google in late '98, it had the familiar, simplistic design it still sports today. (Or, at least, something very similar.) There's something to be said for simplicity and consistency.

And now, in 2006? Google is practically poised to take over the world. It's crazy how much can change in less than a decade.

* Trivia: did you know BackRub was the original name of Google?

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