Microsoft's social network Wallop

microsoft social network wallop
The MySpace competition is huge, and social networking is a giant place in today's online world. It's taken some time, but Microsoft is almost ready to launch their social network. Wallop has been around the Microsoft campus for awhile now, hiding down deep inside the MSN labs. Earlier this year Microsoft has decided to spin Wallop off as its own company, headed by Karl Jacob, the founder, and funded by a couple of VC companies. The difference between Wallop and all of the other social networks out there is that Microsoft's version introduces forms of personal expression into the mix. Developers and Designers can sign up for a special program to design and sell interactive flash widget like modules, like backgrounds, animations, toys, games and mini applications, that Wallop users can buy and add to their sites.

Unfortunately at the moment, Wallop is by invitation only, and I don't have one yet to test it out. So if anyone has a spare....or if anyone has had some experience using Wallop, we would all love to hear about it.

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