Google's sekrit plans revealed

GoogleGoogle Blogoscoped has published a summary of an apparently-leaked internal Google memo that outlines the Big G's secret plans to breed evil radioactive mutant rats, er, take over the world, er, make a ton of money this year. To summarize the summary, this year Google planned to:

  • Improve infrastructure and make engineers more productive with uber-search tools
  • Build 10MW of green power toward its goal of becoming carbon-neutral
  • Become the best in search (duh), which includes building the world's top AI lab, eliminating spam, and launching products with UIs that "that people love"
  • Sell lots of ads, with a goal of $1 billion in new business this year
  • Expand communities and content, in particular video
  • Push Google Pack deployment
  • "Increase the scale of innovation"
  • Test a "radically improved" Google News prototype in Q4

There's lots more in Google Blogscoped's report, so if you're a Googleholic like us I don't recommend missing it.

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