Google issues updates and fixes to Google Reader

Google issues updates and fixes to Google Reader
Since I'm a card-carrying Google Reader convert, I've been loosely following the discussions in its Google Group. I'm constantly impressed with how active some of their engineers like Chris and Mihai are in the conversation, and just the other day they announced some small but much-requested updates and bug fixes to Reader, including:
  • First and foremost: An "Add to folder" menu after using the subscribe bookmarklet, the Firefox 2.0 subscribe button and the "Add to Google" button
  • The "Feed actions..." menu lets you rename the feed and change its folders
  • Some IE 7 display bugs have been fixed
  • Some IE 6 display bugs have been fixed
  • OPML import should be more tolerant of invalid characters
  • The filtering that can be done in the settings page now handles multiple terms (separate them with spaces)
  • The settings page should display faster when you have lots of subscriptions
Nothing major, though that 'Add to folder' button is a God-send (Google-send?) for adding new subscriptions and easily filing them away without breaking one's workflow.

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