Google's Master Plan (1.0) REVEALED!

Google Master PlanYou may have heard of Google's "Master Plan," which was sketched out on a very, very long whiteboard in the lobby of building 41 at the Googleplex. Back in September the original Master Plan was erased because it was getting, in the words of Google's Chris diBona, "a bit crufty." Fret not, however--this 1.0 version of the Master Plan is not lsot forever--this week Google lifted the veil of secrecy and the complete, original Plan can now be seen in a panable, zoomable widget at Spanish Brazilian Google-watching blog UnderGoogle. There's a lot t here about robot monkeys, Babylon 5, cattle mutations, weather control, "fish pods,", and lots more geeky fun. This was my favorite bit of the Plan, though: "Having achieved happiness, humankind is left wondering what is the point. After briefly distracted by reality TV, discovers enlightenment, which leads mankind to reject the trappings of modern life like in a bad ST-TNG movie."

By now Google is undoubtedly well on its way to concocting Master Plan 2.0, so none of the information in version 1.0 is likely to save us... but it's fun to read, at least.

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