ZSubway: The New York City subway on your iPod

ZSubwayZSubway is a collection of New York City subway maps and schedules that you can download to your iPod (and some other portable media players). It's amazingly simple - just a bunch of images, really - and yet immensely useful.

This is something all cities should have, in my opinion. When I think of the ways mobile technology is "revolutionizing" our lives, I think the most important changes come in the form of these seemingly small things. No, there's nothing flashy or exciting about subway maps. But ZSubway ranks very high on the usefulness scale. No more having to carry a map around with you, or look for a map (much less a schedule) in a deserted station, or call a customer service number. I don't know about you, but every min ute I save is precious, and convenience is much more important than bells and whistles.

So let this be a message to other cities - it's time to get on-board and provide iPod-friendly transit maps.

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