DonationCoder's Best of the Web 2006


The folks over at DonationCoder have rounded up their top picks for 2006 in a very extensive list of 9 different categories: software, web sites, essays and debates, flash games, humor, gadgets, DonationCoder roundups, programmer stuff, and entrepreneur writing. There are definitely some good picks in there (DownloadSquad and SlashFood made their best web sites list, woot!), and some quirky ones ("Tonight show phony photo booth"), but for the most part they've done a good job covering 2006 from a geek's perspective. I still stand by my claim that "Invisible Bike" takes the cake for the best photo caption of 200 6 though, and I'm glad to see that they agree.

What, fair readers, are some of your memorable web moments of '06?

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