Flatland - Today's Time Waster

FlatlandRemember that mind-blowing book you were so excited about in middle school, Edwin Abbot Abbot's Flatland? Yeah, Flatland (the game) has nothing to do with it, apart from its 2D format and preponderance of geometric figures. But don't hold that against it--is's really pretty fun. At the surface it's a pretty standard top-down space shooter, but of course there's a twist: Ever time you kill one of your vectory opponents, it explodes into a burst of colorful squares, and if you collect them they are added to your ship. The more you collect, the bigger and more powerful your ship gets. When an enemy runs into you or hits you with a projec tile, however, you lose blocks, and if you lose all of your blogs, it's game over. The game is fun and gets pretty frantic in later levels, and is surprisingly addictive.

[Via Jay is Games]

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