Microsoft's blogger bribe blunder will be good for EFF

Acer LaptopMicrosoft wasn't the smartest in the way they handled the blogger laptop give-away, but the debacle will turn out good in one way. One blogger, Scott Beale, is choosing to auction off the laptop he received on eBay and give the proceeds to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation). The auction will run through January 4th, when Scott will post the results on his blog, the Laughing Squid. If you can get over the ugliness of the Acer Ferrari-inspired laptop, then give it shot and bid on the thing. This just prove s bloggers are smart, resourceful, and thinkers, which I think is just plain touching...sniff.

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Anonymous said...

The whole acer Ferrari gifts from Microsoft are totally bogus, even the Microsoft fanboy sites are getting them

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