MP3tunes gives away unlimited music storage

MP3tunesMP3tunes is now offering free unlimited storage and music streaming for all your tunes. The site previously gave away 1GB of storage to sync your music, and even "sideload" any tunes you find on the web with Firefox and IE plugins to save the tunes you find to your locker. Now you get unlimited space to upload, store, sync, and enjoy all your music from any computer anywhere. Their uploader seems to upload fairly well, and doesn't take much babysitting to get it to work either. The audio quality is worthy of listening, it is seriously not bad. I am somewhat of an audiophile, and this service is really rocking for me right now. If you have a lot of music, it can take a while to upload your tracks (so leave it uploading overnight at least), but man, it is worth it, to be able to listen to your music anywhere you want. The service boasts the ability to stream to mobile devices, but sadly I haven't tried that feature yet. If you have the opportunity, try it out and let me know what you think of it. You can even sync album art. Wicked. My ear drums are going to need a vacation after this.

UPDATE: If you sign up and don't see your account go to unlimited right away, you will still have 1GB, and will be put on the list for an unlimited account. The service is great, either way, but apparently, it isn't fully rolled out to all users yet. I had a free OBOE account previously, so I guess they allowed me to upgrade sooner than new sign-ups. My bad. Thanks Taylor for pointing this out.

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