Net neutrality lives, for now

Save The InternetAT&T's acquisition of BellSouth was approved by the FCC, after stating that they would preserve net neutrality for 30 months on its broadband service. AT&T at least appears to be playing nice here, though some say there is dangerous fine print to the deal. This is such a large and controversial issue, one that I will admit I don't know everything about, but this is a good thing, if the net is to remain free and accessible for everyone (as I understand it). Many news reports I have read say th at this will pave the way for congress to approve legislation to preserve net neutrality in the coming months. All we need is someone controlling access to the best thing to ever happen to this planet, a universally accessible network that everyone has access to, no matter their status. has a way for anyone to sign a petition stating that net neutrality should be preserved, so check it out if you care about this issue. There is even a great video explaining the issue on the site. This chronic downloader doesn't want to pay anyone else to support my habit, I like my Internet just fine the way it is.

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