OS X-compatible Yahoo! Music video player released as beta

Yahoo! Music video player screencapYahoo!'s corporate blog, Yodel Anecdotal, announced the availability of a new Yahoo! Music video player. This is a beta release and they have put up a slick user feedback mechanism for you to use in telling them how to make it better and what features rock (pardon the pun).

From the well-prepared tutorial the new features are:

  • Video Lineup: control the videos you want to watch! Create a customized video lineup, arrange and reorganize videos, monitor upcoming selections, and create your own session playlist.
  • Easy video search: from within the video player, instantly find videos by searching for your favorite artists or video titles.
  • Browse by category: get customized recommendations based on your video ratings, or choose from recommendations by category-Top 100, exclusive Nissan Live Sets, videos you've recently watched, and more!
  • All new design: everything at your fingertips! Enhanced video player controls, simplified video search, and easier ways to browse content-all in one place, within one interface.
  • Mac Compatible: now available for Macintosh OS X.

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