PayPerformancing, the acquisition

PayPerFormancingThe first thing I thought when I read that PayPerPost would acquire Performancing was "oh great." I am not a huge fan of PayPerPost and their less than ethical way of doing business. I wasn't happy about hearing that PayPerPost will acquire Performancing. You know, the site that is all about helping bloggers succeed? You'll be happy to know that despite this acquisition going down, the Performancing blog editor Firefox plugin many of us wear out daily, will be spun off into a new brand so that it isn't sullied by the likes of PayPerPost. Y ay for democracy, or some kind of illogical sense on someone's part. I am sad now, I liked Performancing, the company and the plugin just the way it was. That's life though, right? To PayPerPost, I still am not a fan, but congrats on the nice acquisition of a great blogging company, please don't screw with it too much, m-kay?

[Via TechCrunch]

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