Rate your favorite soda (or pop) the web 2.0 way

Soda RatingsSodaRatings is a place to rate your favorite soda (or pop) in a social web 2.0 way. Their logo is even a bit web 2.0. There are all kinds of sodas, flavors, and the results of all the ratings are displayed for everyone to view. Sure, the idea is a fun one, not aimed at being productive, but it is a nice break from the work-a-day web and an interesting use of social voting to see what the most and best rated sodas actually are. If you have ever wondered about that, now you don't have to. This site, like your favorite soda, can be quite addicting.

Are you into Cola, Grape, Orange, Vanilla, Diet (yuck) or something else? Let the whole world know. SodaRatings has soda badges you can put on your blog, MySpace, or wherever else you want. Be loud, be p roud, and by all means, tell everyone about your fave soda (or pop).

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