ROM update for Dell Axim X50 running Windows Mobile 5.0

Axim X50vWow, just the other day I got fed up with problems I've been having with the headphone jack on my Dell Axim X50v and since it's still under warranty, I'll be swapping it out for an X51v.

When I bought my PDA over a year ago, it ran Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition. I payed for a CD that was to be released soon that would let me upgrade to Windows Mobile 5.0. But when those CDs started shipping hundreds of complaints rolled in from X50v users, stating that sometimes their memory cards wouldn't be recognized and that their PDAs were running much slower.

I decided to hold off on upgrading until a fix was issued. And I waited for about a year, until I decided that the headphone jack was broken and so I could get the newer X51v which runs Win dows Mobile 5.0 and doesn't have most of the problems associated with the upgraded X50v.

And lo and behold, today Dell goes and issues an update for X50 users running Windows Mobile 5.0. The update allegedly features the following improvements:

  1. OS 5.1.195(Build 14957.2.3.1)
  2. Wireless roaming enhancement
  3. Improve CF memory card sometimes disappear
  4. CF modem driver improvement
  5. Microphone recording enhancement
  6. ActiveSync connection improvement.
Maybe I'll install it for fun in the few days I have left with my Axim X50v. Keep in mind, in order to apply this update, you need to have a Dell Axim X50 or X50v PDA that has already been upgraded to Windows Mobile 5.0.

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