Download of the Day: Pandora Downloader (Windows)


Windows only: Free, open source app Pandora Downloader lets you save MP3s from the popular internet radio site, Pandora.

Pandora Downloader is similar to Pandora's Jar with a few important differences. It's not nearly as tightly integrated with Pandora, but it's much easier to set up and get started with. The best part of Pandora Downloader is that it keeps a running tally of all of the tracks you've played (it even shows three songs in advance), so you can download any of the songs you've heard in your session by selecting as many as you want and clicking Download.

Pandora Downloader saves all of your downloads to C:\pandora. If you want to automatically add those songs to iTunes, I'd recommend setting up iTunes Library Updater to scan C:\pandora daily for new songs to add to your library.

The interface of Pandora Downloader could use some improvement - the window won't minimize or resize - but it's dead simple to understand and use. You have to stream Pandora through Internet Explorer for it to work, but Firefox users can just use IETab if they don't want to open another window. Pandora Downloader is free (as in speech), Windows only, requires .NET 2.0.

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