'Le Web' is tres useful in French politics

France is in the midst of a presidential election, so what does that have to do with computing, the web or software? This election season 'Le Web' is playing an unprecedented role in courting and motivating younger French voters and, this site promoting candidate Nicolas Sarkozy shows exactly how web crazy French politicians can get.

In an effort to eschew a slightly stodgy public persona, Sarkozy's DiscoSarko lets visitors make the Presidential hopeful dance in a number of interesting and goofy ways, to a few choice selections of music. It's well built, totally campy and, absolutely endearing.

We're anxiously anticipating the next U.S. election and, candidates are already turning up the PR machine. Who knows, we might see some crazy political web marketing ala-DiscoSarko by the time 2008 rolls around. As the web has become an irreplaceable force in political campaigns, and web technologies allow for more complex and engaging displays, its impossible to predict what we might see. As much as I enjoy DiscoSarko, I implore Hillary Clinton's campaign web team, please don't make Sen. Clinton into a dancing machine, that's something no one wants to see.

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