Full Speed Tests - How fast can you go?

Are you getting the performance your internet provider promised? Feel like you're lagging behind? This freeware speed test can tell you whether you'd be better off using sneakernet or the Internet for your next large file transfer.
Full Speed Tests from Versis lets you test your connection speed by downloading a 4, 12 or 35 megabyte file and uses the speed with which the file is received to calculate your connection speed. The free program does attempt to upsell you to Versis' "Full Speed Fix" software although, if you're tempted to spend the extra dough I'd think twice. Most "speed fixes" only adjust the MTU value of your internet connection, a technique which may or may not be effective depending on your ISP and your operating system version. Further, you can change your connection's MTU value yourself, if you're feeling a little bit registry hacky.

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