Is this Microsoft's tipping point?

Vista hasn't been an overwhelming success. Sure, it's sold a few new PCs but, it's not proving to be a Windows XP-style revolution of stability, it's no Windows 95-style revolution of usability and it hasn't really changed much of the landscape or given the compelling impression that there's something new, something you must have. It feels more like a round of catch-up aimed at Apple's OS X. Come to think of it, Microsoft's last big launch, the Zune, wasn't all that successful either. Are we witnessing the slips and foibles of an ailing giant? Stowe Boyd says, yes.

He writes, 'Vista will turn out to be the worst black eye for Microsoft, ever. It will be the turning point, when we look back in the future, where we will unequivocally say "that's where Microsoft demonstrated how lost they were."` He also points to The Inquirer who ask, flatly, if turning up Windows Genuine Advantage to kick out the pirates is really the brightest thing to do.

Is this really the moment we'll look back upon and point to as the beginning of a new era of tarnished Microsoft glory? That remains to be seen. What is pretty apparent though; Microsoft is losing the PR war on all fronts.

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