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Listal is a social website for listing "the stuff you love", or categorizing your DVDs, CDs, books, video games, and listing the movies you've seen and TV shows you watch. In the traditional social networking fashion, you can tag, rate, and review items, see everyone else who has the same stuff, and locate similar member based on your ratings. The site launched back in August of 2005, but since then it has become quite robust, with a consistent stream of updates to enhance the versatility of the website. I haven't visited it in a few months, so I checked out some of the new features. Here's a brief rundown of some recent highlights:

  • A new completely customizable profile feature, so you can change the layout, colors, background image, and style of your personal page
  • Users can now add videos to any item page, either from a video sharing website or directly from their computer
  • Enhanced list views, including options for two or three column layouts for viewing your items
  • New quick recommendations included in profile pages, an easy way to get recommendations for items not on your own list from the person you are viewing
Listal has proven to not only be a decent way to waste time, but it is actually quite useful for organizing your stacks of movies, CDs, and books lying around.

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