What's it take to be a Web 2.0 start-up?

Stowe Boyd spends a lot of time thinking about Web 2.0, and web business in general. He was recently asked 5 questions for an article by a reporter at a small paper. His answer to the reporter's final question underscores how drab some recent startups have been.

When asked if "someone with nothing more than a good idea could start a Web 2.0 business", Boyd replied, "having an innovative idea is a good start, a necessary precondition for success. But there is a lot of luck involved, too. [...] The best advice I can give for would-be web app developers is to go where other companies aren't: move into the white space where there are no competitors. The world does not need yet another social bookmarketing app, another social event site, or another screen sharing tool."

I've got my own great idea for a new Web 2.0 start-up. It's this social-screen-sharing event site with bookmarki ng ability added on. Oh yah, and you can vote on things too! Wait! Where are you going? It's the next killer app, really!

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sriramkri said...


There is a web 2.0 conference in Stockholm coming up. It's called Hej! 2007. I was hoping if you could ping our conference site/blog and we would be happy to do the same.

Here's the site: www.nustart.sg/hej2007

Sriram Krishnan

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