Andy's Death Quest: Time waster of the day

Andy's Death QuestToday's time waster is a tail of death, money, death, weapons and death. In Andy's Death Quest you have the option to play in two different modes: Story mode or death match mode.

In death match mode, you start out with easy opponents, no cash and no weapons. Working your way through your choice of death match gets you more money. Which, in turn, gets you more cash, allowing you to buy different and better swords, guns and/or bombs. The more it costs, the more it will help you through the more difficult levels.

Story mode was a bit of a let down. After Andy made his way through the game unlocking all available death matches, he's able to bring in his own weapons (Shotgun and Laser Sword are Andy's favorites) and had his pick of whatever type of villain he wanted to fight. However, in story mode you have a very limited spread of bad guys to test your strength out on as well as a limit on the amount of money received. Death match mode was much more entertaining for Andy. That and the pool of blood after a glorious victory of a savage battle!

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