Digitizing media with AudioDizer

audiodizer podcast audioAudioDizer wants to pack our iPods and portable devices with more content than we can handle.

This text to speech company is aiming at creating a new distribution channel for traditional media companies, creating high quality MP3 podcasts for newspapers, magazines, websites, and advertisers. AudioDizer uses multiple voices, speech patterns and accents to enhance listening experience while trying to improve the content that is stored on devices.

The whole text to speech does seem creepy when heard, and can be a little distracting if the timing is off or when words don't flow together properly. Technology Review uses AudioDizer for every article they publish online and it has been working great for their users. The process is simple for the user, choose an article, then choose whether you want to listen to the article, or download an mp3. I have to say, it is high quality, but still has that creepy distracting feel to it. Mind you it has the potential to be very beneficial when you are in a rush, or on your way to work and want to catch up on your favorite sites content.

What do you think? Click here for an mp3 sample.

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