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blogrovr blog discoveryBlogRovR is a site that has just been launched by the team behind Stikis, creators of the "write notes wherever you browse" overlay.

BlogRovR will let users know about content from blogs that they normally read by telling them about content when and where they are likely to be interested in reading about it.

It works by downloading an application, and entering in blogs that are frequently read. BlogRovR will then search all blogs while you surf, when it finds relating information it displays an overlay into your browser notifying you with summaries about the posts it has found. You can then read what your favorite bloggers have said about the page you are currently visiting without leaving.

Why would someone really want to use this application? Are we missing something? Would you want to read your favorite bloggers commentary on every site you visit? It seem like it could get a little distracting. It is however good for a little cross referencing when doing research, and gathering links to same topic posts from a familiar voice.

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