Google Notebooks redesign for added productivity

redesigned google notebook

Get a little more organized with this updated Notebook release from Google. The organizational tool looks a little nicer now, care of some AJAXy goodness from the team at Google. They have updated and transformed the once boring Google Notebook, into something extremely useful.

Notebook now uses a nice blend of AJAX and common Gmail features to store and share notes. Users can create a list of nicely organized Notebooks, or folders on the left hand side where notes are stored and auto saved. Notes can easily be made in each Notebook, and even shared with other users for collaboration, or exported to Google Docs for further work.

Take a look at the new Google Notebook, Its pretty helpful now. Especially with the Google Notebook Firefox Extension that you can easily use to clip and collect information as you go about your WWW travels. Maybe Google will think about adding this into the Gmail interface one of these days? It would do wonders there.

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