iTunes adds Complete My Album feature

Complete My AlbumApple introduced two new features to the iTunes store today. The first is a new "my alerts" section that lets you know when there's new music available from artists whose music you've previously purchased.

The bigger news is Apple's new "Complete My Album" feature. Previously, if you'd already purchased two or three tracks from an artist and then decided you wanted to buy the whole album, you were essentially forced to pay for those downloads twice.

Now you get credit for the songs you've already bough, meaning you can purchase the rest of the album at a discount. While this is obviously an attempt on Apple's part to convince you to spend money on albums and not just singles, it's also good news. Having to pay twice was probably one of the major reasons albums sales have slowed recently. That and the fact that when it comes to pop music, many listeners might only want to own the popular tracks.

The Complete My Album discount works for any album you purchase up to six months after buying a song from that album.

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