Manage your business plan with PlanHQ

planhq business plan manager

Could PlanHQ be the differentiating factor on whether your business succeeds or fails? Well, no, but it could help you to set some goals and compare forecasts in order to run your business a little more smoothly.

At first glimpse, PlanHQ does not say much about what it does, other than it brings plans to life. Upon further digging users will discover that it's an online tool that helps business grow through planning, take business plans online, developing business plans from scratch, and helps investors report on the success of their investments.

There is a 30 day free trial plan, that lets users configure business plans, set goals for sales and customers, set target markets, outline team members and their skills, and plot out financial performance. Other plans are based on the amount of users and goals, and range from $15/month to $50/month.

[via eHub]

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