Microsoft launches private beta of screen sharing software

TahitiMicrosoft has launched a new program that allows you to share what's on your display with up to 15 other users over the internet. The program, code-named Tahiti is in a private, invitation-only beta at the moment. Here's how it works:

You login using your Windows Live information. Then you can invite users to see applications running on your computer. You can also selectively grant control of those applications, enabling long distance collaboration on projects. If a problem arises, you can click on your mouse or press a button on your keyboard and you regain control.

If you're working on a Word document with other users, Tahiti will track changes and assign a name and color to the changes made by each user.

Tahiti also allows file sharing, so you can send files and documents to other members of your team without using email, FTP or any other external application. Tahiti runs on Windows XP and Vista.

[via Digital Inspiration]
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