Microsoft releases Deepfish, an enhanced mobile browser

microsoft deepfish mobile browserCould thisbe the start of "Browser Wars 2, the quest for the stronghold on the mobile world"?

Microsoft has just entered the space with their new enhanced mobile browser offering, Deepfish. The Deepfish browser plays off of what the iPhone showed us a short while ago, showing the user a recreation of desktop browsing on mobile devices, not stripping anything out. Deepfish gives users on mobile devices an identical look and feel of pages rendered on typical desktop setups. The application allows scrolling and zooming in and out of web pages, enabling increased readability, standard navigation, and simple form submission. When completely zoomed out, images are lossy, but zooming in provides more detail. If you are a little worried about your Windows Mobile device struggling when browsing with all of this extra content, don't be, Deepfish has bandwidth optimized rendering for faster content delivery.

Microsoft might be getting a little worried about Opera, and Mozilla's minimo.2 quickly entering the Windows Mobile device space and quickly starting to become the default offerings.

Deepfish is sadly in an invite only mode at the Microsoft Live labs. It's for Windows Mobile Smart Phones or Pocket PC's running Windows Mobile 5.0+, with a minimum of 64 MB program memory.

Check out a video of Deepfish's capabilities.

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