Organizing school life with mySchoolog

myschoolog plannerGetting and staying organized in any school level can be a little difficult, now there is a free online application that could help.

mySchoolog is an online application that students can easily use to track and organize their school lives. Users start off by entering lessons they take and organizing them into categories, and make weekly schedules. Schedules can be made through a drag and drop lesson planner with times associated for each class to keep them organized. Of course it has a to-do area where appointments, homework and anything else can be added, and reminders set to be sent out by email or sms. Lesson notes can be entered online, searched, exported and printed so they can be kept and used when required. 20GB of File storage is available for documents, audio or images, and can be categorized by lesson.

But really, is there any time to organize yourself while in school? Sometimes not, so hopefully this might help a bit.

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