3D virtual desktop manager for Windows

Yod'MYod'm 3D is a nifty virtual desktop application that gives Windows users some of the wow factor of Beryl and Compiz bring to Linux desktops.

The free program lets you create four virtual desktops, which is nothing too special. You can do the same thing with Microsoft's Virtual Desktop Manager. But Yod'm 3D lets you switch between desktops by flipping through the sides of a 3D cube.

There's no installation necessary. You just download the program, unzip it to a folder, and select your language. You can configure Yod'm 3D to automatically start up with Windows, or ou can just click the .exe file when you want to start.

Flipping through desktops is a 2-handed operation by default. You click Ctrl+Shift and then use the arrow keys or mouse to navigate. You can configure it to use different keys. For example, if you select Ctrl, you can press and hold your right Ctrl key for a second and then use the arrow keys to move between desktops all with one hand. Since you need to tap and hold to bring up the cube, you can use the Ctrl key normally under most circumstances.

Dragging windows from one desktop to another is a little tricky. You have to make sure the window isn't maximized. Then you left click and hold the title bar with your mouse and hit the activate key. Now you can drag your window to another desktop.


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