Kerr-Ching! Vista launch proves massive profit boost for Microsoft

While Mac OS and Linux have made significant gains over the past few years against Windows, if Redmond's latest profit figures are anything to go by the Windows era is far from over. On the back of the release of the latest Windows operating system, Vista, and a new edition of Office, Microsoft has posted a staggering 65% gain in third quarter profits.

The quick start for Vista is good news for the world's biggest software manufacturer as it demonstrates that consumers are not hesitating to adopt the new OS and we can expect to see Vista dominating the world's computers in coming years.

On the back of the sales figures, Microsoft's net income rose to almost $4.93 billion for the past year - a rise of a staggering $2 billion on the previous year. Microsoft's slinky new operating system has had mixed reviews from critics, but consumers are clearly not showing any such concerns as they flock to the new operating system which has enhanced communications and usability features.

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