Meshly - instant message web 2.0 style

It's part Twitter, part Digg, part Newsvine, part BlinkList, part - uh, well you get the picture. If you're feeling the Web 2.0 thing is getting a little cluttered, well there's yet another new thing you might want to try for fun. It's called Meshly, and you use it with your IM client to post links you want to share and then people vote on them.

Dejavu all over again? Nope, not here. Meshly has a cute fluffy robot single eye icon with antennae that you instant message with. Meshly prompts you for a brief description of your post, asks for the URL, asks you to tag the post, and then, voila! provides the post link to you. Although it's kind of weird at first, you start to grow fond of the old Mesh. And he/she stays in your IM address book with the green light on. Ready. For you. For anyone. To IM him/her.

Tip: If you're the competitive type (you know who you are) and want your post to make it to the front page - you have a reasonably excellent chance of doing so. Some posts have only one vote and they are living on the front page. This non-crowded state may not last for long though.

[via techmeme]

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