Sony to launch YouTube competitor in Japan

Sony is set to announce a video sharing site in Japan tomorrow. While this makes Sony just the latest in a long line of companies trying to get in on some of that YouTube-style action, Sony does have the benefit of owning quite a bit of video content that it can push onto the website.

News Corp and NBC Universal last month announced they would launch a similar site this year.

While Sony is launching its EyeVio site in Japan, the company plans to expand the service to other countries if it performs well.

Sony hopes to avoid the lawsuits that have plagued Google by actively monitoring the site for copyright violations from the get go, rather than waiting for content producers to contact the company with complaints. Of course, this raises the question: Without copyrighted videos, will anyone user the new site? There are conflicting reports over whether YouTube owes its success more to user-generated video or clips from programs like The Daily Show.

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