HassleMe sends you annoying emails

HassleMeSure, your inbox is already filled with annoying emails asking if you'd like certain parts of your anatomy to be larger. But if you're like most Download Squad readers (and writers, for that matter), you probably spend a fair bit of your day sitting in front of your computer with your email application of choice open in one window.

And so sometimes a quick email can be more effective on the short attention span set than a post-it note or even an Outlook reminder. That's where HassleMe comes in.

All you have to do is enter a note to self, your email address, and how often you'd like to be hassled. HassleMe will then send you a reminder at regular intervals.

And when we say intervals, we mean days. The website has a no-frills layout, and the service is pretty no-frills as well. Right now, you can't sign up for hourly or twice a day reminders -- although that feature is coming, along with hassles via instant messenger. But if you need to remember to wash the car, take out the trash, or pick up the kids from school on a regular basis, HassleMe might help jog your memory.

Our favorite feature is the list of popular hassles on the main page, including "Call your mother roughly every 7 days," and "go for a walk in the park roughly every 10 days," you know, just to see if they're both still there.

[via AppScout]

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