MySpace TV v. YouTube: If you can't beat them, become them

MySpaceTV and YouTube
MySpace TV is up and running, and there's something kind of familiar about it. In fact, if you look at the screenshots aove, you can see that it looks an awful lot like YouTube.

That's not surprising, seeing as YouTube is the most popular video sharing service on the web, and MySpace wants a piece of the action. But as the folks at Mashable point out, there's more than a superficial resemblance here.
  1. The videos, categories, and channels tabs at the top of the page look pretty much identical. MySpace adds a home tab, and YouTube has a community tab, but still...
  2. The relate videos and more from this user box is located in pretty much the same exact space on both sites.
  3. The far right column is reserved for "director videos" on YouTube and "featured videos" on MySpaceTV.
  4. Even the subscribe button looks identical to YouTube's.
There are plenty of other similarities. And that might not be a bad thing for MySpace. But we haven't seen one site rip off another so blatantly since... well, April.

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