Navigate Wikipedia faster with keyboard shortcuts

wikipedia keyboard shortcutsGetting around Wikipedia could take shorter than you have been previously use to. For instance, do you know about the keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts aren't a well known feature for users of the popular online encyclopedia, but they do exist. I recently came across a post by Steve Rubel reminding me of this fact.

These keyboard shortcuts work with any browser, and on both PC and Mac platforms, and don't need to install any special Greasemonkey script, and will surely speed up your time when searching for useful content.

Depending on which browser you are in you will have to use hold down this combination of keys, then hit your access key:

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5: hold Alt, press access key
  • Mozilla Firefox 2: hold Alt-Shift, press access key
  • Internet Explorer: hold Alt, press access key, and then press Enter
  • Opera: press Shift-Esc, then press access key
  • Mac OS: Control and a key
Check out a cheat sheet for the key shortcuts after the jump:

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