Skype is shacking up with Toshiba

skype to be preinstalled on toshibasSkype announced a deal that will see their internet calling software loaded as standard applications on select Toshiba notebooks.

The software will be loaded onto four model lines of Toshiba computers that have built in webcams (Satellite X205, Tecra M8, Qosmio F45, and the Satellite A215 series), and will display a Skype logo on the case. Its always nail grinding, especially for techies, when we come to realize that applications we do not want have been loaded onto our new computers. However, Skype seems to be the exception here. Most of us use it, and most of us want our other friends to adapt to using it as well. Correct us if we're wrong, but this move will see people who have never heard about VoIP to be engaged by both the combination of the web cam in their new laptop, and the software that works with it.

With a major computer manufacturer introducing a leading edge VoIP software provider to potentially a whole new audience, could we finally see a drastic reduction in home and mobile rates?

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