Take your pictures wherever you go with Google's Picasa Web for Mobile

google launches picasa web albums for mobileShowing off pictures on your mobile device just got a whole lot easier with Picasa Web Albums, and care of the innovative team at Google.

Google has just announced that they have launched the first version of Picasa Web Albums for mobile devices. When in the mobile Picasa, photo albums are tiled across your screen, clicking on them expands into the set, broken down into chunks of 12 (auto resized to your screen - 12 were shown on a Blackberry) that can then be expanded and saved to your device. You can also keep track of your friend's photos by selecting "My Favorites" from the home screen. You can also post a comment on their photos

The website can be accessed on your mobile device through a web browser by visiting http://photos.google.com and entering in your credentials.

For more information you can check out http://www.google.com/mobile/photos/ (down at time of posting)

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