15 year old kid build computers for less fortunate

Sometimes you see a story and it just makes you go all squishy inside. 15 year old Jacob Komar has been refurbishing used computers for years, and delivering them to the homes of needy families.

From ABC News, "I was at my sister's elementary school and I found out that they were throwing away a whole lab of computers just because they were outdated. [...] then I kind of thought about it and I was like, "Wow, well, there's got to be kids that don't have computers at home." ... Maybe I could take those computers and fix them up, whatever they need done to them, and then give them to kids at the school who could use them."

Ever since that time he's been refurbishing machines, sometimes two a week. If you're looking for a good volunteer cause to put your geek skills to the test with, this might be an idea for you.

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