Design Tip: Save the shoot with PhotoRescue

It's your worst digital nightmare, apart from perhaps a full system recovery, the losing of digital photos. We've all been bitten by a memory card or computer itself ruining a set of pictures at some stage, however well-renowned Flickr and Zooomr-based photographer Thomas Hawk points to a handy tool that might just save your bacon: PhotoRescue 3.0 from DataRescue Software.

Hawk also provides a set of tips for using the software at it's most effectively, and one tip that we'd add to the excellent advice is not to fill your memory card as full as absolutely possible - leave a little bit of space to avoid completely corrupting the memory card. There's nothing worse than shooting a couple of gigabytes (or more) of photos, only to have them written off by your own desire to reap value from a massive memory card.

PhotoRescue is not free, although judging by the review linked below, it might just save not only your photos, but your sanity too when the panic of "Er, I just lost a whole holiday's worth of photos" really begins to set it. Your $29 you get a Windows and a Mac licence to the app.

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