Gates makes plans to say, "Goodnight and Goodluck"

Love him or hate him, you know he's worked hard to be where he's at. Bill Gates is getting close to making his big exit into retirement, and The New York Times is taking a close look at his plans, or lack thereof.

For what it's worth, Gates has one year left in his planned two year transition into unemployment. He's stated in the past that he will go on to work with the $33 Billion dollar foundation started by he and his wife Melinda which focuses on global issues of poverty and disease. What's unclear is whether his plans will really come to fruition when expected; Microsoft faces more challenges now than it did even 5 years ago, and the traders on Wall St. have refused to believe that MS can meet and beat those challenges to regain its stranglehold dominance on the computing world.

A professor at Harvard Business school is quoted in the Times article with a very strong point, "It's very hard for someone at his age, who has built a company with that much success and with continuing challenges to really walk away"

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