Site Invites - like InviteShare, but with a different name

Site Invites
You know how Lost was a big hit for ABC, and so the next year every network had a few shows with huge casts, a lot of backstory, and a plot that was impossible to follow. That's what happens when someone comes up with a good idea. Or at least one that works.

And so a few weeks ago InviteShare launched a service that made it easier for anyone who wanted to get into exclusive invite-only beta tests to do so. Now a new service, Site Invites has launched to do exactly the same thing.

The concept is pretty simple. Want an invitation to test Joost, Scrybe, or any of 24 other services? Just leave your contact info. Hopefully someone will come along and take pity on you. If you've got a few invitations to share, you can be the pitier. In fact, the more people you send invitations to, the higher you move up the list for any invitations you're seeking.

The site is advertising supported. But something tells us they group behind this is hoping to make a little extra cash by selling the business. (TechCrunch paid $25,000 for InviteShare). There's just one problem. Anybody could create a similar service if they feel like it. The startup costs are pretty minimal. In fact, TechCrunch was getting ready to develop its own service when the company decided to buy InviteShare instead. The only reason InviteShare was worth $25,000 was because TechCrunch had already written a positive review of the site driving up its profile.

Of course, if you're looking for a really good way to pick up invites to the sexiest services around, just keep reading Download Squad.

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