Transfer your PIM data between Windows Mobile operating systems

PIM BackupIf you're lucky enough to have a Windows Mobile device with support for updating the operating system, you may be in for a surprise. You may not think you've spent much time customizing your mobile device, but it can easily take a few days of tweaking to get Windows Mobile 5.0/6 to run all the programs you enjoyed on your Windows Mobile 2003SE device.

By far the easiest part of the upgrade should be synchronizing your calendar, contacts, and other Outlook data. As long as you synchronized your device prior to upgrading, it should all be copied back to your phone or PDA after the upgrade. But if you could lose a boatload of data if you don't like to sync with a computer, or if not all of your data synchronized properly with the old copy of Outlook 2002 you've got on your spanking new Windows Vista machine (not that this would happen to anyone who writes for Download Squad).

That's where dotfred's PIM Backup comes in. This excellent, free utility creates a complete backup of your PIM data including contacts, appointments, e-mail messages, tasks, and notes. There's are separate versions for Windows Mobile 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.0/6. But if you create a backup using one version, you can restore from that backup using the other.

In other words, you can copy PIM Backup to your storage card to create a complete backup of your data. When you're finished upgrading or downgrading your device, just open the appropriate version of PIM Backup for your new settings and restore from your backup. Easy as PIM.

[via Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine]

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