CNN says bye bye to Reuters news

CNN says bye bye to Reuters newsLots of news on the CNN corporate front this week. First the media giant announced that they were dumping Yahoo in favor of Google ads, now they are saying no more Reuters.

CNN said on Thursday that they would be terminating their 27 year relationship in order to cut costs. The Time Warner owned company said that they had not wanted to rely on outside sources as much as they currently do, and would be focusing their efforts and money saved on investing in their own news gathering staff.

CNN reiterated the fact that there was absolutely nothing wrong with Reuters, the way they operate or their content. CNN just wishes to own the content they serve, and they believe that content ownership is king. Reuters text, photography, and television materials will stop being used as of Friday, today, on CNN.

However, the big question is why will CNN still be using Reuters competition, the Associated Press?

[via Reuters]

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