Job seekers get hacked, Fed says phishing to result

People applying for federal jobs recently had their personal information stolen by a crafty hacker that nailed the USAJobs web site, operated by the Office of Personnel Management. Some 146,000 job applicants hoping to get a job with the fed instead may find themselves the victims of identity theft. Although the fed insists no social security numbers were compromised, the information stolen is still quite valuable.

Security experts (people who, like O.J., speculate how they would've accomplished an illegal feat "if they did it") believe that the information stolen will be used to phish additional information from subscribers (the USAJobs web site is powered by Monster--the inspiration for our blue friend in the picture). So, if you've applied for a federal job recently using USAJobs, it might be wise to use caution when corresponding with Monster by e-mail or web. Office of Personnel Management is sending letters to subscribers to alert them of possible counterfeit e-mails. Individuals who receive a suspicious e-mail regarding a federal job search should forward the e-mail to

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